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The Hieronymus Journal

No 1

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With the inaugural issue of the Hieronymus Journal a new periodic miscellany is born that gets to the heart of Mindspace – a topic which has accompanied Hieronymus since its beginnings and is now more relevant than ever. Mindspace refers to both the mental and physical spaces that people seek out in order to reach the intense concentration and focus needed to generate exceptional achievements. 
Issue No.1 features specially commissioned interviews and original texts including: NASA astronaut David Wolf talking about life and death decisions in outer space; contemporary classical composer Max Richter on the architecture of his imagination; bestselling young Irish author Eimear McBride writing about her mind as a «conduit to desire»; renegade perfumer Geza Schön on the essence of being different, plus freediving under ice, Nordic retreats, the muse of radical fashion by author Jina Khayyer, and more. 
The Hieronymus Journal was developed in collaboration with bestselling writer and editor Sophie Lovell. The result is a beautiful miscellany, consisting of stories about the creative and constructive spaces of extraordinary individuals, printed on the finest of papers using the highest standards of print finishing techniques.

Chief editor
Sophie Lovell
246 x 345 mm
Open thread stitching, Japanese premium paper, 4-layer hot foil embossing, slightly perforated endpapers
130 pages, natural paper, offset and silk screen printing
Limited to 500 copies, numbered by hand
The Hieronymus Journal
The Hieronymus Journal
The Hieronymus Journal
The Hieronymus Journal
The Hieronymus Journal
The Hieronymus Journal
The Hieronymus Journal
The Hieronymus Journal

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