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Sculpture Pen

Rollerball | Sterling Silver

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The Sculpture Pen is an expression of our creative desire for aesthetic and functional uniqueness. Its uncompromising design is a blend of two geometric shapes which flow smoothly from round to square.  The result is a clear contour arising from the sleek interplay of the surfaces. A precisely balanced shaft converts a monolithic mass into dynamic elegance and generates the sculptural tension of a shape which both flows and is complete in itself. The Sculpture Pen not only resembles a sculpture in appearance, but its creation is similar too. 

It is exclusively handcrafted from the outside in, until the perfect form is achieved. The only way to create the shaft so that it does not show the same cross-section at two points is for handcrafting specialists to make it from one piece. The cap and shaft join seamlessly to form a complete unit.

147.3 x 13 x 13 mm
925 sterling silver
Black Hieronymus rollerball refill, silver cleaning cloth
Lacquer case with interior trim in Alcantara, cardboard slipcase
Seal of quality
Lifetime guarantee
Manufactured in Germany
Sculpture Pen
Sculpture Pen
Sculpture Pen
Sculpture Pen
Sculpture Pen
Sculpture Pen

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